Our Story

We’re urban cat lovers in San Francisco. Searching the city for a pet-friendly apartment – not a problem. Showing up at the gym with cat hair on our yoga pants – no big deal. Waking up to the 3 am zoomies every night – who needs sleep, anyway? But putting a 70's style cat tree in the living room? Not happening.


Our Mission

At KittyScapes, we’re on a mission to create delightful spaces for people and their pets. Pet ownership requires sharing spaces with our fluffy friends, and we’re here to reimagine that shared
space. With a design-centered, unapologetically modern approach to form and function, our goal is to redefine coexistence. Instead of perpetuating a human vs. feline compromise, we envision products that create an elevated lifestyle for both.

The Tree Tabby

The Tree Tabby was born after multiple misadventures with TV-loving kitties who scratched TV screens, walked over keyboards, knocked tablets on the floor, and deleted important files. The idea for a protective tablet holder seemed simple enough, but designing a stable attachment system proved to be a huge challenge. Eventually, we created a system that stands up to an excited Maine Coon playing cat games, so we’re thrilled with the finished product.


Need answers? We want to help! If your question isn't answered here, reach out to us!

Will the Tree Tabby fit on my cat tree?

Probably. If your cat tree has a platform that screws into a pole or base, the Tree Tabby will most likely work. If you’re not sure, contact us and we’ll help you decide!

What if I buy the Tree Tabby and it doesn’t fit on my cat tree?

We’ll provide you with a refund, minus return shipping.

What size tablets fit in the Tree Tabby?

Tablets up to 30 inches will fit!

My cat is crazy. Is the Tree Tabby stable enough?

Yes! With a steel frame that screws into your cat tree, the Tree Tabby can easily withstand your kitty’s antics.