Introducing the Tree Tabby

The Tree Tabby is a protective tablet holder that connects to your kitty's cat tree and prevents her from damaging your devices while she watches cat tv.

The Tree Tabby

Where technology meets feline fun

The Tree Tabby is the ultimate tablet holder designed exclusively for your cat's entertainment and safety. Blending durability with innovation, the Tree Tabby is not just a holder; it's a game-changer in pet tech.

Our unique design features a resilient acrylic screen that shields your tablet from playful paws, ensuring your device is always safe. The real magic lies in our innovative base, expertly crafted to integrate seamlessly with your cat tree's structure.

With the Tree Tabby, you're not just giving your cat endless entertainment; you're investing in a secure, durable solution that protects your gadgets while enriching your pet's life.

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What People Say about us



Very easy to set up and my kitty loves it so far 🖤 It's cute to see her watching videos while reclining in her cat tree!

— Rose


I hesitated to trust this product with my $$ iPad, but after trying it I'm a fan! It's very stable and doesn't let my cat scratch the screen.

— Alexander


After my cat left long scratches down my TV screen, I stopped letting him watch videos. But with this product, we can both be happy😍 10/10 recommend!!!

— Gina